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In many circumstances, and for many materials, it is the industry’s preferred finish. It’s an advanced approach to finishing that improves appearance, reduces harmful residue, and adds durability to metal. Understanding it will help you make better decisions for your business.

What Is powder coating?

Powder coating is a form of metal finishing, used for industrial equipment. The dry powder material attaches to the metal surface through an electrostatic process. Curing with heat ensures durability and creates an appealing finish. A powder coating machine is widely used because of its functionality, flexibility, and aesthetic. You can also apply powder coating on other surfaces such as plastic and concrete.

What are the applications for powder coating?

Powder coating is a finish preferred for many objects meant for heavy-duty work or long-lasting lifespans. The most common application is present in steel fixtures to prevent rust. It’s also easy to incorporate color with the powder coat, making it not only durable but decorative. Here are some other popular applications for it:

Powder Coating Machine

Furniture. Powder coating can add personalization and help bring themes together.

Car Rims. These are popular among car enthusiasts because they’re affordable and have visual appeal.

Bicycle & Vehicle Frames. Using powder coating on a vehicle can help it stand out. It makes for easier identification.

Cabinetry. Powder coating makes cabinetry and other storage options free from rust. It protects them from accumulating dust and grease.

Equipment Used in Powder Coating Systems

There are different setups involved when powder coating. Even with all the equipment involved, there are usually three categories to classify them:

Powder Coating Systems Pretreatment

Powder Coating Systems Pretreatment

You can then use different processes like air or sandblasting to clean debris, rust, and paint from the material. The most common way to pretreat a material to be powder coated is with a spray washer with chemical solutions. This process allows for the powder coating to adhere well to the material. A Dry-Off Oven is commonly used to evaporate any remaining chemicals off the item.

Powder Coating Systems Application

Powder Coating Systems Application

Most apply the coat using a Powder Spray Gun. It is a tool that electrostatically charges the powder so that it can stick to the material. Compressed air moves the charged powder, which latches to the surface. Some use it with a Powder Spray Booth, so they have a safe space to work. If you have limited options, you may need a filter like a Powder Spray wall. It ensures protection and proper airflow as you’re working.

Powder Coating Systems Curing

Powder Coating Systems Curing

This step often involves a powder curing oven. It is a large oven that can heat up to ensure that the coat solidifies, hardens and bonds to the surface. The time it takes to cure powder depends on the coating, thickness, shape, and size of the materials involved. It can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour.

Advantages of Powder Coating vs. Liquid Paint

Powder coatings provide many advantages over liquid paint. Here are some of the benefits you get when you choose powder coating:

You have more options with a powder coating finish compared to paint.
You can choose to add gloss, a metallic finish, and even different textures. Some apply a thicker coat to add protection as seen in architectural designs.

Powder coating may provide better performance than a coat of paint at a lower cost.
You can even use a reclaimed or recycled powder coat and achieve the desired outcome. They’re also easy to dispose of as they contain no hazardous solvents.

Powder coating is also tough against damage, and you’ll rarely need any touch-ups with the material.
It resists scratches and has greater integrity compared to paint.

Over time, powder coats may perform better than paint when it comes to retaining color and gloss depending on its exposure.
It also resists corrosion and can handle over thousands of hours of corrosive salt spray in a single coat. Its properties also make it resistant to mold and mildew.

Powder coats are also environmentally friendly when compared to paint.
There are no toxic compounds within. Because you can recycle them, you produce less waste. Many modern coatings use green methods that produce fewer emissions during its lifespan.

Additional advantages of powder coating for steel industries
GZ Industrial Supplies discusses the top benefits of powder coatings for steel industries and the importance of metal finishing.

Batch Powder Coating

A batch powder coating system, as the name suggest, is done in batches and requires a more manual approach. It involves the operator maneuvering different parts and completing coatings in sequence. You’ll often want to use a batch system if you desire specific applications or unique designs or are processing smaller quantities. It’s a versatile process that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

A batch system also requires less space, and is generally a lower cost process. However, it requires more manpower, and lacks efficiency at a large scale.

Batch Powder Coating

Automated Powder Coating

If you’re working with thousands of similar parts in a day, you’re better off with equipment that can handle much of the workload for you. You can coat large quantities of items in a single run, and it's best for those who want rapid output.

However, with automated powder coating systems, your flexibility is reduced. They are also more expensive, however they pay off in the long run for high-output facilities.

Automated Powder Coating

Not Just Powder Coating: Knowledge

We are designing, producing, and installing high quality customized turnkey powder coating solutions for surface finishing lines. Watch our video to walk through a completed powder coating system.

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