Powder Coating Booths

Powder Coating Booths

Powder booths are used for the manual and automatic application of powder coatings. The booths are capable of repurposing air from the factory while collecting the fine powder coating overspray in collector modules.

Pneu-Mech offers manual powder booths including spray to waste collector systems. Various sizes are offered complete with powder application equipment, LED lighting, and controls.

For our automated powder coating systems Pneu-Mech integrates automatic powder booths from the leading industry manufacturers. Integration services include proper configuration with the environmental room, control system features with alarm monitoring, and material handling system with encoder. Our services include powder booth, cyclone and after filter mechanical and electrical installation.

Powder Coating Systems Features:

  • Configurations


    • Open face
  • • Filtered Face
  • Technology


    • Quick color change technology
  • • Spray-to-waste

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