Liquid Spraybooths

Paint Booths and Liquid Spraybooth Systems

Pneu-Mech spraybooths are used to provide a clean, properly ventilated and properly lighted environment for manual or automated liquid painting. Our spraybooths also provide for overspray particulate collection. As listed below, our spraybooths are configured differently depending upon the type of painting that is being performed. Air flow direction, air conditioning and overspray collection requirements drive the type of spraybooth that is required for the painting application.

Benefit from a Custom Spraybooth

The benefits of our spraybooths include laminar airflow, ease of maintenance and low operational costs. Due to the number of configurations and custom design we can solve most paint application environment issues.


  • Configurations (Airflow Styles)

    Configurations (Airflow Styles)

    • Downdraft
  • • Semi-downdraft
  • • Side draft
  • Overspray Capture Technology

    Overspray Capture Technology

    • Dry-filter
  • • Waterwash scrubber

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