Industrial Coating Services

Pneu-Mech stands by our motto, “We are here for you.” We believe in developing partnerships with our customers rather than simply selling a product. When you purchase equipment from us, we work endlessly to provide you high-quality equipment and an efficient, professional installation process. During the installation, our experts will test the systems to ensure everything is working without flaw and make any necessary adjustments so that all system components are performing at their highest capability.

Why Choose Pneu Mech Industrial Coating Services?

Pneu-Mech provides customized and comprehensive industrial finishing services and support to our customers. We believe in establishing partnerships with our clients rather than simply selling a product. When you choose Pneu Mech Services, you're partnering with professionals and trustworthy specialists that will look out for you and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. We proudly live by our motto, "We are here for you." If you have any questions or concerns about your systems, we are only a phone call away. If you require on-site support, we will dispatch a member of our staff to get things back up and running.

Industrial Coating Equipment Services

Pneu Mech is the leading industrial finishing equipment service provider in the United States. Our state of the art technical applications secure an optimized finishing system experience. We build our solutions for longevity, but if something does go wrong, we are trained to handle any repair issue and provide expert advice for your powder coating operations. We understand that your time is important and we want to help you get back up and running as fast as possible.

System Troubleshooting. Pneu Mech control systems provide high-level machine control, operator information, and data for process control, and troubleshooting for all major finishing equipment.

Washer Repairs. For industrial washers, we provide high-level repair processes as well as a dependable supply of high-quality replacement parts and components.

Oven Repairs. Our powder coating oven repair uses high-efficiency convection technology to recover its function in batch operation or a high-volume batch.

Conveyor Repairs. Conveyor repairs normally include integrating material handling systems that are suitable for the finishing system process, product size, weight, and speed of production.

Air Balancing. We optimize process airflow in a paint system to help provide proper ventilation for personnel safety, improve paint finish quality by decreasing defect-causing impurities, and save energy.

Parts. Only original and high-quality parts and components are used for repairs and part replacements.

System Repair Services

Our service-centric organization offers world-class repair and support for powder coating systems, liquid finishing systems, and e-coating systems. Our service and repair team is available to travel to your facility for on-site support. We specialize in repairing washers, ovens, conveyors, environmental room components, spray booths, and other products within each solution. Our expert technicians are well-trained and experienced in efficient repair procedures to ensure disruption to your operations is minimized. With the help of our Pneu-Mech support staff, you can quickly set up a repair service visit. No other powder coating company delivers better customer service than Pneu Mech. We want to help our customers succeed by providing them with the right tools and equipment for efficient operations. With over 30 years of experience, we know what works when it comes to powder coating technology.

Powder Coating System Repair

Powder Coating System Repair

When powder coating problems occur, it’s critical to figure out what's causing the problem as soon as possible and fix it. The many components of a powder coating system, such as pre-treatment, powder booths, powder coat ovens, environmental rooms, etc. leave a lot of room for human error and mishaps in operations. Pneu-Mech, with many years of experience and expertise, is ready to execute the necessary powder coat repairs for washers, ovens, conveyors, and environmental rooms. We want to ensure the system is up and running at full capacity as quickly as possible.

Liquid Finishing System Repair

Liquid Finishing System Repair

Pneu Mech engineers, technicians, and repair teams are the global experts in liquid finishing solutions and system repair. Considering all the variables associated with operating liquid finishing equipment safely and productively, there are many factors that require expert attention if any components begin experiencing problems. The Pneu Mech team is ready to help you with any washer repairs, liquid coat oven repairs, environmental room repairs, spray booth repairs, spray gun repair, and conveyor repairs when you need us. Contact us today to schedule an on-site appointment.

E Coating System Repair

E Coating System Repair

The E coating system adds a beautiful and protective layer to the surface, but these qualities may be harmed by common coating flaws. Common E coating issues include foaming or air entrapment, rapturing, outgassing, throwing power faults, and many more. When this happens, Pneu Mech can inspect the system and efficiently repair it. Our team is equipped and ready to help you with your e coat machine repairs, washer repairs, e coat oven repairs, and conveyor repairs. Call us today for more information on how we can assist you in these services and repairs for your e coat system.

Industrial Coating System Repair Services

Pneu Mech collaborates with your firm to provide specialized coating systems that meet your specific requirements. While industrial coating products are meant to last, they are still machinery that requires regular maintenance and repairs. Pneu Mech is here to help with those repairs.

Washer Repairs:
If your washer malfunctions, there are a variety of things that could be responsible, and major components may need to be replaced. Pneu Mech could readily handle major repairs and replacements, such as tank replacement, burner tube replacement, and header and riser replacement.

Oven Repairs:
A faulty oven can have a significant impact on productivity. Our Pneu Mech technicians have years of experience designing and building industrial ovens, so you can rely on them to restore your equipment to run flawlessly. Our specialist can perform spiral ductwork replacement and even upgrade your heater.

Conveyor Repairs:
A defective or damaged conveyor belt will have far-reaching consequences throughout the entire system. When it fails, Pneu Mech can perform high-level troubleshooting and repairs, such as belt and chain replacement, rail replacement, and driver updates, to make sure your conveyor is back up and running quickly.

Air Balancing:
By misdirecting airflow or failing to provide appropriate departure ports, a failed system and imbalanced air might result in an unbalanced HVAC system. It will have an impact on your powder environment rooms, paint booths, heating systems, ovens, and other areas of your whole production. Allow Pneu Mech to diagnose any air balancing issues and make any necessary repairs or part replacements.

Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems

Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems are designed to give full thermal profiles for powder coating heater, paint curing, component supply, and general paint, powder, and e-coat OEM applications. With our thermal profiling solutions, you can monitor your entire process from inside the oven and obtain valuable information through automated reporting, which transforms data into actionable insights that demonstrate if appropriate temperatures are being attained for high-quality products. Every Datapaq system comes with advanced insight analytic software that allows you to regulate the data-logging operation and convert data into actionable insights, allowing you to better understand, control, and optimize your process.

Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems

Premium Spare Parts Inventory

Due to unforeseen issues, every piece of equipment needs a backup. Our hands-on customer service team is ready to assist you with maintenance, updating inventory, and obtaining extra parts so that you can minimize downtime and resolve repair work. We can dispatch a member of our maintenance staff to assist with equipment repairs with our spare parts. You can rest assured that all spare parts are of top quality and meet high-quality standards, allowing your equipment to last longer and perform better.

Premium Spare Parts Inventory

Industrial Seasonal System Maintenance

Pneu Mech works with your company to build custom coating systems that fits your needs and provide specialized industrial coating system repair services. Our experts are ready to help you resolve issues quickly and consult your team on the best next steps depending on the products you’re using and the application you want to place. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you.