Industrial Coating Service

Pneu-Mech stands by our motto, “We are here for you.” We believe in developing partnerships with our customers rather than simply selling a product. When you purchase equipment from us, we work endlessly to provide you high-quality equipment and an efficient, professional installation process. During the installation, our experts will test the systems to ensure everything is working without flaw and make any necessary adjustments so that all system components are performing at their highest capability.

We will also train your personnel to ensure they are confident in their ability to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain your equipment. If at any time you have a question or concern with your systems, we are a phone call or email away. Should you need on-site assistance, we will send a team member out to get things back up and running smoothly.

Industrial Coating Service | Maintenance and Inspection

While our systems are built top-of-the-line materials, they require routine maintenance like any operating equipment. When that time comes, you can easily set up a maintenance schedule with our Pneu-Mech Support Staff. They will ensure that your equipment is routinely inspected and assist with any issues that may arise.

Spare Parts Inventory

Replacing parts is part of the business, and we understand that. Sometimes you need a spare due to an unexpected issue. Fortunately, our Pneu-Mech Customer Service is extremely hands-on in the process of helping schedule maintenance, updating inventory, and getting spare parts to you so that you can reduce downtime and handle minor repairs. If needed, we are always more than happy to send out an expert from our maintenance team to assist in repairing equipment.

Digital Tools and Communication

From the time of installation, you are introduced to the Pneu-Mech customer service team. They will work with you to create a spare parts list and help you order any parts you may want to keep in stock. Should you find that you do not have a part and need it, you can easily contact our customer service team by phone or by connecting to a secure VPN.

Efficient Onsite Service

Occasionally you may encounter issues that cannot be resolved over the phone. When that happens, we will send a Pneu-Mech team member out as soon as possible to assess the situation and assist in correcting any issue so that you can get back to production ASAP.

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industrial coating service

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