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At Pneu-Mech Systems we offer complete solutions for your coating needs. Each solution is individually tailored to your production and finish requirements. We offer three types of finishing systems including powder coating systems, liquid finishing systems, and electrocoat (e-coat) systems. Our powder coating and liquid finishing systems can be configured as an automated system or a batch system, depending on your production needs.



About Powder Coating

The powder coating system is a finishing process wherein dry, free-flowing, and thermoset or thermoplastic powder is added to a surface, melted, and then hardened to make an even coating. The two primary methods of powder coating are fluidized-bed application and electrostatic spray deposition.

Powder Coating Process

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Industries That Can Benefit From Powder Coating

Thanks to its characteristics, powder coating is an excellent choice in applications where aesthetic appeal is important. Not only is the finish durable, but it also looks good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Powder coating is one of the most popular finishing systems in many industries. It is ideal for application in various materials including glass, metals, plastics, and medium-density fiberboard. It can also be applied with different textures, colors, and finishes that are not available using other liquid coating techniques.

Additionally, businesses that require finishes capable of withstanding harsh UV rays, moisture, and other weather conditions can highly benefit from powder coating.

Characteristics of Powder Coating

Applying the powder coating system results in high-quality finishes that are found on countless products people encounter every day. The coating itself adds durability to machinery, household items, and other things people use daily.

It is more durable compared to liquid paints while still offering a beautiful finish. Furthermore, powder-coated items are highly resistant to external factors like moisture, ultraviolet light, and chemicals.

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About Liquid Coating

The liquid coating system is a process that incorporates wet paint and has been used on various substrates for many years. It is applied electrostatically or by using a conventional spray gun and can be air-dried in a heated environment for a more durable finish.

Liquid Coating Process

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Industries That Can Benefit From Liquid Coating

Liquid coatings are great for use with products that require a smooth, mirror-like appearance. It is also commonly applied in finishing operations where frequent and fast color changes are required.

Companies that produce heat-sensitive products will find liquid coating an ideal choice for their needs.

Characteristics of Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is often associated with Class A finishes, a type of finish typically used in defining the coating quality of new automobiles. It can also be used as a specialty finish, like applying metallic flakes in various designs.

Although not as durable as powder coating, the reliability of liquid coatings has been improved throughout the years. This is especially true with the introduction of 2K coatings.

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About E-Coat

Electrophoretic painting, simply known as the e-coat system, is a finishing process that utilizes electrical current to attract the wet paint product to a metallic surface. Its process is quite similar to the system used in metal plating except that this type of finish uses organic paint particles in the immersion baths.

E-Coat Process

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Industries That Can Benefit From E-Coat

The e-coating process was originally designed for use as an anti-corrosion coating for steel car bodies. Nowadays, e-coats can commonly be found in various consumer goods like giftware, hardware, eyeglass frames, and jewelry.

E-coating is ideal for use when there are hard-to-reach areas that need to be coated. The immersion of the item into a liquid solution results in a thorough and even distribution of the coating compared to others.

It is particularly advantageous in industries where thinner coatings are necessary as primer coats for other coating processes.

Characteristics of E-Coat

E-coating is known to be an eco-friendly finishing solution. Many manufacturers choose e-coating because its electrocoat process generates minimal to no hazardous air pollutants or volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the environment.

Besides being a better choice for the environment, e-coatings are also durable and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The electrocoat technology is used in various industries worldwide that require a high-quality yet affordable finish.

Furthermore, all e-coat systems are automated, which means that paint application is precise, resulting in minimal waste compared to other processes.

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At Pneu-Mech, we have a team of knowledgeable experts that can provide you with the highest quality commercial coating solutions. Our crew has an in-depth understanding of the modern coating processes and can help you choose the right finishing systems for your needs.

Before starting work, we carry out an analysis and evaluation of each project so that our solutions are tailor-made to your exact, custom specifications. We take great pride in maintaining strict compliance with the best practices, standards, and laws of our nation.

Whether you need an electro-coating, powder coating, or liquid coating system, we have the custom solutions for you. Contact Pneu-Mech today to learn more!

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