When the finish is everything

This is the bottom line to all our customers. Creating your unique paint finishing system is the result of our team of expert sales engineers along with an army of experienced designers, fabricators, installers, programmers, and service technicians.

We Know Surfaces

Our custom built finishing systems produce turnkey solutions giving our partners high quality results.

We Know Industries

From the automotive industry to metal/plastics finishing, our systems span across all major markets.

We Have Solutions

See how our solutions and knowledge-base have led to effective outcomes for our clients.

What’s in it for you?

We Listen

We are committed to help your business be more successful. And although we are experts in surface finishing you are the experts in your business. Understanding the needs of your business makes us a better partner. We listen.

Tailored Finishing Systems

At Pneu-Mech, we understand that your paint finishing equipment needs to be tailored to your requirements. No two systems built by Pneu-Mech are the same. We have used our experience and expertise to develop unique layout options that have the greatest ROI.

Turnkey Solutions

Paint finishing system projects are complex, but we minimize the stress. Through our streamlined and pro-active implementation process you don't need to worry. Our experienced staff handles all the project steps and we are there for you with knowledgeable and efficient after sales service when you need it.

Not Just Industrial Finishing Systems: Knowledge

We are designing, producing and installing high quality customized turnkey solutions for surface finishing lines. Watch our video to walk through a completed powder coating system.

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We work with some of the best

Pneu-Mech has partnered with clients across varied industries over the years. A partial list includes:

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If you want industrial finishing equipment, powder coating systems, and more, we can help!

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