Spray Booths

Customized Spray Coating Solutions

Finishing can be difficult for all types of product manufacturers. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get the high-quality 
finishes you are looking for. 

Pneu-Mech industrial spray booths are individually crafted to each customer’s product and process. We design booths for all 
types of manufacturing markets based on their production requirements. Regardless of the type of paint, stain, varnish, or 
other coating required, Pneu-Mech can supply the answer for consistent, high-quality results.

We use the latest and greatest building components and the newest techniques. All our spray booths are designed to 
meet code requirements for safety reasons. Contact us and we’ll start discussing the specifics of designing a custom 
spray booth for your business.

Booth Options

• Galvanized • Aluminized • SS Construction
• Dry Filter Booths • Water Wash Booths
• Automotive Booths • Bench Booths
• Down Draft • Semi-Down Draft • Cross Draft
• Heavy Truck / Bus • Metal Finishing • Furniture
• Cabinets • Plastics Finishing • Tools
• Industrial Equipment • Ornamental
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