Environmental Rooms

Controlled Environments

Pneu-Mech environmental rooms ensure consistent high-quality application of paint and other finishes by virtually eliminating outside contaminants. By preventing contamination in the application area, these rooms maintain ideal conditions regardless of weather conditions or operation irregularities.  

Environmental rooms are equipped with automatic climate control systems designed to maintain an environment at optimal coating conditions. They can prevent fumes, spray dust, and other results from the finishing process from infiltrating into other aspects of a company’s manufacturing areas.

Accuracy counts when it comes to environmental rooms. Our custom solutions always consider optimal performance, safety, and energy efficiency. Our team has the training and experience to design, manufacture, and install custom rooms of all types and sizes. 
As leading manufacturers of these rooms, we have a reputation for quality workmanship and superior products.

Room Options

• Clean Room
• Controlled Environment
• Powder Coating
• Heavy Truck / Bus • Metal Finishing
• Furniture • Cabinets • Plastics Finishing
• Tools • Industrial Equipment • Ornamental
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