PLC Control Systems

Controls play a very important part in how smoothly a finishing system operates. At Pneu-Mech Systems, we understand the importance of getting it right.

A pre-wired NEMA 12 Electrical Control Cabinet constructed of heavy gauge steel will be provided for the paint system to include control of the oven and conveyor.

Additional Equipment

A PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system will be furnished for electrical control of the system. 

Pneu-Mech Systems provides HMIs (Human Machine Interface) on systems where they add value for the customer. Our display touch screen layouts are straightforward and are designed to convey the required information without undo distractions or unnecessary scrolling between multiple screens. Passwords are often supplied to access direct control of elements for troubleshooting and maintenance. 
Standard Touch Screens include the following:
• System Management • Washer Operation • Oven Operation • Conveyor Operation
• I/O Inputs and Outputs • Manual Start for All Motors • Fault Screen • Fault History Screen

Note: Some of the above information may be configured on shared screens

Pneu-Mech Systems will supply a modem with the control system, and highly recommends the installation of a dedicated phone line or temporary line that can be connected to the modem. The modem offers troubleshooting from a remote site, saving downtime in the event of system problems.

The heated washer stage temperatures are controlled through PID modules integral with the PLC equipment. These controllers allow the operator visual of all operating temperature of equipment and the ability to input different temperature requirements as required.

A fail-safe electrical device designed to operate fuel-fired equipment (gas fired burners, etc.) in a safe manner. Flame controllers incorporate dedicated circuits designed for fail-safe operation (that is to say, if they fail, they prevent operation that may be unsafe, which usually means they shut down the fuel fired equipment in a safe manner and prevent re-ignition until the problem is corrected). According to code, fuel fired equipment cannot be operated via a PLC or a PC.

All ovens are equipped with High Temperature Limit equipment, which monitors the temperature of the oven. This fail-safe electrical device has a temperature set point at which the device shuts down the process it is monitoring. To reach the set point, the process exceeds the normal safe operational temperature and the oven is shut down.

Mounted inside the cabinet are the motor starters and overload relays for the system motors to include pumps, exhaust fans, combustion motors, circulating fans, and other motor-driven equipment. A disconnect / circuit breaker and 460/120 control transformer, and circuit fuses are provided. 
All Control Panels are certified ETL 508a.
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